Do you feel tired, stressed, and suffer pain all over your body? It's high time you try the magic power of a massage.

Massage is based on the stimulation of the muscles and canalization of the flow of energy in the body using pressure, friction, or movements. In addition to muscle relaxation, self-treatment processes are initiated in the body.

Only the Ráj doteků salon can offer royal massages by real professionals.

Erotic massage Prague. Experience the top of your pleasure

Do you want to revive your sex life? Awaken a new energy or fulfil aged sensual dreams? Then try out our unique erotic massage Prague. Our masseuses use not only their hands, but gradually the whole body, thus effectively enhance your experience. Girls perform on the whole body and even do not omit genitals. Thanks to this you achieve incredible feelings of pleasure leading up to the climax.

Secret of the Empress – the best of all erotic massages

Your aged secret desires will be completely fulfilled during this massage. It is an opportunity to make your dreams true. This massage is performed by the best girl in salon – by Empress. Empress is goddess of erotic massages and knows exactly the spiritual essence of erotic art. Only Empress is able to perform a masterpiece of her art and meet all the secret desires you have ever had.

Secret of the Empress lies in the unique combination of various elements – it uses elements from both tantric and erotic massages. The final feeling cannot be expressed in words, it must be lived.

The Secret is bathing in an incredible flush of sensual feelings that the Empress skillfully raises using her secret arts.

Massage for couples. Great experience for both of you

Enjoy our service - massages for couples, if you want to open up new possibilities to your spouse or partner. This kind of massage is offered for those couples who want to expand and enrich their intimate life. Massage for couples stimulates sexual energy, which will bring you a completely new experience.

Fine caring hands of our girl (or two) will amaze you. Delve with them and with your partner into a world of infinite bliss.