Do you feel tired, stressed, and suffer pain all over your body? It's high time you try the magic power of a massage.

Massage is based on the stimulation of the muscles and canalization of the flow of energy in the body using pressure, friction, or movements. In addition to muscle relaxation, self-treatment processes are initiated in the body.

Only the Ráj doteků salon can offer royal massages by real professionals.

Nuru massage – unusual magic of Orient - body to body massage Prague

Nuru massage is a specific type of extremely sensual erotic massage, well known as body to body massage Prague or "body slide" massage. It is carried out with the help of pleasantly slippery Nuru gel and contains mutual contact of bodies of masseuse and client. It provides an exceptional experience that is worth to try.

The basis of every Nuru massage - Nuru gel – is a special preparation made from seaweed. This gel, thanks to its slipperiness, allows you to enter into a new dimension of perception of pressure, touch and caress. You will feel every contact with the body of masseuse more intensely than ever before. The gel also hydrates your skin and it is so beneficial to your health.

Nuru massage starts with easing your muscles by classic relaxing massage. It is followed by a gel application, and then one of our skilled masseuses will perform Nuru massage on your whole body. You enter into a completely new world in which you will feel wonderful scent of jasmine and the ancient sea. What about trying it? Just make an order.

Nuru massage - body to body

This is a very specific kind of massage, which leads to friction naked bodies masseuse and the client. It occurs with the help of a very slippery Nuru gel, the whole experience will be enhanced, since it allows a smooth gliding over the body. It's absolutely extraordinary and unique experience that makes you feel very intensely throughout your body and learn to enjoy the subtle and intense touches.

Nuru massage is a short classic way to help relax your body. But also Nuru masseuse applied a special gel, which aims to soften your skin and make it slippery. Seaweed, contained in it, is also very healthy.

After applying the gel a body to body massage begins, during the massage you can enjoy many pleasant touches, sensation and perception of your body.

It frees your body and mind and helps you to find a completely different dimension of intimate experiences.

We look forward to welcoming you in our salon in Prague, so do not hesitate to try this unique experience.